2015 Scientific Session

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Friday, September 18, 201507:00:00
Founder of the Cooper Clinic Father of Aerobics
Periodontal Disease and Modern Medicine: Salivary Bacterial Testing & Highly Effective Therapeutic Protocols 1:00:00
Living a Superman Life: The Secrets to Optimal Health & Performance 1:00:00
Oral Systemic Health: From Pre-Natal to Pre-Adolescent 1:00:00
The Oxygen Advantage: Breathing re-education for sleep disorders and respiratory care 1:00:00
Myofunctional Therapy as a Critical Missing Piece in the Treatment & Prevention of Sleep Disorders 1:00:00
AIRWAY-kening Dentistry: To become the Center of Health Care
Sleep Apnea: A Cry for Help 1:00:00
Q&A Panel #1 1:00:00
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Nutrition for Health: Insights, Recommendations & Hot Topics
Exercise Science Expert
Q&A Panel #2
Healthy Dentistry: A Humanistic Dental Practice
Dental Oncology: Bridging the Medical/Dental Gap for Better Cancer Care
Q&A Panel #3
5.5 Simple Steps to Jumpstart Diagnostic Coding
Sunday, September 20, 2015
Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes, & Diabetes: A Collaborative Approach Between Medicine and Dentistry to Create Optimal Patient Wellness
Sleep is NOT a 4-Letter Word
The Oxygen Advantage: Addressing dysfunctional breathing in athletes and simulating high altitude training to improve aerobic and anaerobic sports performance
The ROAD to Resilience: Hard Core Strategies to Live your Best Life
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