2020 Hot Topics

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2020 Hot Topics04:20:00
This is how we do it! Test Treat Repopulate to reduce the risk of vascular inflammation. 00:20:00
Girl Power: How Girlosity Will Change Sickcare back to Healthcare 00:20:00
Our Friends the Mitochondria 00:20:00
Ozone, Peptides and Exosomes, Oh My! The new era for regenerative dentistry is upon us. 00:20:00
How Much Bleeding is Acceptable in Your Practice? 00:20:00
Don’t Let the Health of Your Mouth Break Your Heart 00:20:00
Writing to Survive and Thrive! The surprising facts behind the advantages of journaling for self-care, health and well-being! 00:20:00
Do You Know Who I Am? - Dentistry's roll in prevention of cognitive decline 00:20:00
Why the BLEEP is the treatment not working? “Higher level Issues” That can make or break your success. 00:20:00
One of dentisty’s best kept secrets is a secret no more; Nanodentistry making Regeneration Possible! 00:20:00
At 2:20, 2/20, 2020... the dental profession will forever be disrupted! 00:20:00
Don’t You Dare Bill That to Dental Insurance - Bill it to Medical Insurance First! 00:20:00
The Teledentistry Connection 00:20:00
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