2022 Hot Topics

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2022 Hot Topics04:20:00
AAOSH 101 Chris Kammer, DDS, FAAOSH 00:20:00
Vitamin X and Life by Mark Cannon 00:20:00
Post COVID Dangers.. An Opportunity for Medical Dental Collaborative Rescue Ellie Campbell, DO 00:20:00
Beyond the Words We Speak. AI, Smart Salivia, and the Language of Tomorrow. Eric Pulver, DDS 00:20:00
Breathe Well, Little One- Airway Health for Babies and Youngsters. Susan Maples, DDS, FAAOSH 00:20:00
Perio and Peptides: Healing and Sealing Leaky Junctions for Optimal Cellular Health. Gina Pritchard, DNP and Lara Hooper, BSDH 00:20:00
The House in on FIRE! Why Are You Only Using a Garden Hose?! Frances K. Homing, BRDH, HIAMONT 00:20:00
Changing the Way We Deliver Care in Public Health Crystal Spring, RDH, BS, LA 00:20:00
Treating the Pain Behind the Smiles: Suicide Prevention for Dental Professionals. Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian 00:20:00
OralDNA Measures of Immunity: Survelillence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Saliva. Ron McGlennan, MD 00:20:00
Mental Health for Dental Professionals: The Not So Hot Topic..But it Should Be! Joy D. Void Holmes, DHSc, BSDH, RDH 00:20:00
Ultrasound Screen for Arterial Disease in the Hygiene Chair: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Becky Ironwing, RDH and Craig Back, MD 00:20:00
It's Time to Leap: Oral Systemic Connections 101. Machell Hudson, RDH, FAAOSH 00:20:00
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